Hello! What does sculpture and Graphic Design have in common?

My name is Deborah Laux and I'm the principal of Roses Road.
First of all, thank you for visiting my website and allowing me to introduce you to an artistic approach to graphic design.

One of my great passions is sculpting. What I love about sculpture is the joy I experience when someone comments that I have captured the emotions and personality of a person or an animal who is profoundly loved.

Many perceive graphic design as simply the creation of attractive visual images, just as sculpture is perceived as a process of replication. Both assumptions are inadequate.

So, as a graphic designer, I utilize an artistic prism to identify the nuance of your business which in simple terms, is to capture its core personality and project that essence onto a logo and website that allows the viewer to experience the synergy of your business [what you do best].

After you review my website, please call me, and let's have a conversation to evaluate if your existing visual strategy is keeping you ahead of your competitors.

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