Strategic Advantage

over your competitors

Businesses Thrive. Our success is measured by growth regardless of our environment. Because I'm competitive by nature, I must ensure that my skills, and the services that I offer, are a step ahead of my competitors. The mechanism to convert these strengths into new business is what great design is all about.


Increased Impact

and increased donations

Communities Survive. A community survives through time by harnessing the unselfish power of its members. A synergy created by thousands of generous acts that can weather life's uncertainties. A community's power should grow over time, and must never shrink because of adversity.



Branding can best be defined as creating a narrative that allows the customer to understand, on multiple levels, the true benefit of the service or product being offered to them.

The sculpting of this narrative begins with identifying the personality of your business - what I call "the golden thread."

For example, in a professional corporation, the brand [the golden thread] is discovered by capturing the depth of wisdom, knowledge, and experience - the intellectual reservoir - embodied in the culture of your business. Ultimately, this successful branding process culminates in the projection of your corporate personality onto every touchpoint [logo, website and marketing materials] between your business and your clients.

Everything follows the Brand



A logo is an image that resonates with the customer displaying the essence of who you are. The creative process involved in logo design is often misunderstood. It actually originates from inspiration that captures the heart and soul of the business and the community it serves. A great logo design is essential to launch a business with purpose.

how about some samples?


A website must be viewed as a window that allows the viewer to see who you really are. Why a window? A window attracts the potential customer to look into your business and gain a critical first impression of the products and services you offer. Our goal is to hold the gaze of the potential customer, allowing him or her to know you, and what you do, well. We will judge success by whether the right customer will be enticed to connect to your business by phone, email or in person. A great website serves as a filter allowing the right customer [your sweet spot] to meaningfully connect with you, thereby saving both parties time and energy.

how about some samples?

let's not forgetTraditional Print

Yes, there is still a need for printed materials. With the introduction of high quality digital printing, traditional printing still holds a significant place in communications. Businesses benefit from brochures, business cards, annual reports, advertising, letterhead, posters, displays, event invites, catalogs, signage, billboards, publications, postcards, and other marketing materials.

how about some samples?


Search Engine Optimization [SEO] greatly increases your search engine and Google ranking. We use organic SEO by coding your site with search keywords to attract both your target market and search engines like Google and Bing.


A Blog sits on your website, commuicates with the world, improves your Google ranking, establishes credibility, and attracts and informs colleagues, business partners and clients.


Designed to compliment your other marketing materials, eNewsletters are written to keep clients and friends informed and create links back to your website to improve Google rankings and stimulate client engagement.

Social Media

FaceBook, Twitter, LinedIN, Google+ are all part of Social Media. Social Media is marketing using the power of our natural inclination to socialize.