What does figure sculpture and graphic design have in common?

My name is Deborah Laux and I’m the principal of Roses Road. One of my great passions is sculpting. I experience joy when someone comments that I have captured the emotions and personality of a person or animal who is profoundly loved.

Many perceive graphic design as simply the creation of attractive visual images – just as sculpture is perceived as a process of replication. Both assumptions are inadequate.

As a design communicator, we work with you to identify the nuance of your business, and product and/or service. We will capture your product and/or services’ core personality and project that essence onto a logo and website that allows the viewer to experience the synergy of your business [what you do best] – just as a successful portrait bust captures the core personality of the sitter.

After you review my website, please call me and let’s have a conversation to evaluate if your existing visual strategy is keeping you ahead of your competitors.