A Tale of Two Names

Intercommunity Child Guidance Center is a mouthful of name that lacks the warmth and safety that is required when dealing with troubled children. Pamela Geisel, a wonderful writer, and I assisted the organization though the process to re-brand and rename themselves. Yes, there is a process for that.

The Whole Child
As a group, we decided on the new name, “The Whole Child” – a much friendlier, more accessible name. Then, I developed the new logo which relates better to families and children.

Your Logo Speaks
Your name and logo need to speak to who you are as a business or organization and how you relate to your customer.

And, your logo really does “speak.” Just like the subliminal advertising telling you to get popcorn at the drive-in theater, your audience is affected by the look and character of your logo. All this is part of communication and marketing you and your organization. Helping your audience find you and identify with you.

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