Did You Take a Shower Today?

You did? Did you then groom, dress and prepare yourself for presentation to the outside world? This is your face to the outside world – where first Impressions are as important as lasting impressions.

Your business’ logo, identity and marketing materials such as your brochure and website are your businesses’ face to the world – whether that business is a one person operation, small business, corporation or product. These items speak for you when you are not there to speak for yourself.

Your business, service or product has a unique personality, product, goals, advantages and interface to the world. Each business is as unique as you are. Your clients and customers need to be able to recognize a kindred soul in your product or service. When they look at your materials, they should get an accurate sense of whether you are the right product or service for them.

Good design rests on a foundation really listening to what your business has to offer and accurately creating and showing that face to the outside world. For a no-obligation consultation of your logo and marketing materials, contact me.